Learning to Fear…Less

The key to success is striving to see clearly what is desired, setting our heart and whole being to the task, and implementing a thoughtful plan. Doing this can help overcome a variety of challenges and help us fear…less. –  LindaShell.com Long term care can be a scary place right now. Workforce issues, regulatory challenges […]

What is Your W.I.N. For Today? Why Leaders Must Know…

Let’s face it – the field of aging services is a change driven, chaotic environment. You start each day with plans and goals in place, only to find those altered by staffing challenges, resident needs, problem follow-up, and occasionally a visit from “friends” from the health department. So how do you find success in this […]

Is There a Correlation Between 5-Star Ratings and Social Media Reviews?

I recently read an article questioning the validity of social media ratings in long-term care vs. the rating system provided by CMS and I think the conversation should be expanded on. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services did a fantastic job when they created their 5-star review system, but similar to other government agencies, […]


Last night we got a phone call from a company who; after terminating an employee, discovered that he had Admin access on their Facebook page. That access allowed him to remove all the other administrators on their Facebook page, change their cover and profile pictures, post rants about him being terminated from the company and […]

Social Media Challenges In The Aging Services Market

Social media has become the de facto standard in online marketing – there is no disputing that. Some aging services communities are finding that social media can play an integral role in promoting their communities, connecting residents with family members and even helping with hiring challenges. But there are challenges. Who will do it? How […]

Developing an Employee First Culture in an Organization

The past two weeks, we’ve explored what an employee-first culture consists of and how it benefits employees and employers alike. The question now is, what are the first steps for putting a structure like this into place? And why is starting this transition process so difficult for some organizations? This is what Vineet Nayar’s book “Employees First, Customers […]

The Employee First Culture in Long Term Care

Introduced in the previous blog, the concept of the employee-first culture has started to transform workplace structures across the world. Companies of all sizes and industries are seeing the benefits of prioritizing their employees’ needs and empowering them in their daily interactions with clients. What kind of impact might implementing an employee-centered culture have on organizations in the long-term […]

What is an Employee First Culture?

You’ve probably heard the phrase “the customer is always right” a thousand times before. It’s so ingrained in our culture and everyday business practices because it seems like common sense. Prioritize the needs of the customer above all else and business will thrive. But there’s an often overlooked member of this equation that truly has the greatest impact […]

Empowering S.M.A.R.T. Goals – Keeping it Realistic

So, you’ve created a goal that’s Specific, Measurable and Attainable… but is it realistic? Our fourth term stresses the importance of choosing goals that are realistic and really matter. Realistic goals (when met) drive the team, department, and organization forward. A goal that supports, or is in alignment with, other goals would be considered a […]