The Role of the Leader In Guiding Change

 The Role of the Leader In Guiding Change

Change happens within organizations at all levels requiring leaders to be skilled in navigating the challenges of the change process. A variety of evidenced based models exist that can be used to guide these organizational changes. To be successful at guiding change, leaders must be able to break down barriers and build on the strengths of the team. This course will discuss the change process, potential reasons for resistance, evidenced based change models, the role of innovation, and specific strategies for success in guiding organizational change.

Course Learning Objectives:

  1. Assess the change management process.
  2. Discuss the role of the leader in guiding change.
  3. Analyze the role of innovation in the change process.
  4. List the steps for application of the change process.
  5. Describe approaches for creating a positive environment for change.

Course Chapters

This session provides an overview of the change management process along with key factors driving change in the current healthcare system. Methods to assist leaders in preparing themselves for change are discussed along with common reasons for resistance.

A motivated team is critical to the success of leading change. Leaders must be skilled at developing trusting relationships, setting goals, and gaining buy-in. This session will discuss critical actions leaders can take to engage others in driving organizational change.

Although change and innovation differ, innovation plays an important role in the change process. The process of innovation is essential to developing new ideas and maximizing success. This session will define innovation and provide essential tips for increasing innovation skills.

Successful change requires a systematic process to increase the chances of making it stick. This session contrasts Kotter and Lewin’s change models and provides examples of how to apply them in a healthcare setting.

Successful change requires leaders to engage others through both the head and heart. This session will explore how leaders can create a positive environment for change through a transformational leadership role. Resilience and its relationship to leading change is discussed.

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