SurTHRIVEL Bootcamp

SurTHRIVEL Bootcamp is a multifaceted, interactive, interdisciplinary program that allows each participant the opportunity to learn behaviors that avoid burnout, rebound from adversity, build resilience, and become … leaders of excellence.

The bootcamp will focus on:

  • Identifying participants positive core through assessment of leadership strengths and personal values.
  • Developing skills to build teams and lead others.
  • Strategies for maximizing strengths and managing weaknesses including alignment of values with organizational culture.
  • Detailed management skills in the context of leadership development.
  • Emotional intelligence, right brain thinking, and problem solving.
  • Motivational theory, trust building, and credibility in the context of multigenerational differences.
  • Understand how suspending assumptions opens new possibilities.
  • Becoming a change agent and the role of the transformational leader.
  • Sustaining and disruptive innovation and its implications.
  • Maintaining work life balance.

Participants will create a 3×3 SurTHRIVELeadership™ plan, including a list of professional goals and objectives.

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