Discovering Your Leadership DNA

“Leadership starts at the top” is a common theme heard particularly during challenging times, reflecting the critical role a leader plays in creating a positive work environment. To be effective leaders must start with a realistic portraiture of their leadership style including strengths, gaps, knowledge and experience.

This strengths based approach helps leaders see themselves and others as they really are. Ancient wisdom tells us to love others as we love ourselves. This simply means that leaders one must be able to embrace their own unique leadership DNA and learn to build on it. By maximizing one’s innate talent, a leader can have impact through positive, powerful contributions.

Course Learning Objectives:

  1. Contrast leader and manager roles.
  2. Identify the importance of assessing your personal leadership DNA and how it can be used to maximize success.
  3. List the Six Steps of Employee Engagement.
  4. Describe common leadership styles and when they are best used.
  5. Discuss key steps for becoming a leader of excellence.

Course Chapters

According to research, employees don’t leave their employer, they leave their supervisor. The working environment is key to employee satisfaction. The session will discuss the differences between leadership and management and why leadership is critical to employee satisfaction.

Leadership begins with an accurate self-assessment of one’s talent, knowledge, and strengths – your leadership DNA. This session will describe the strengths based approach to leadership. Key actions for maximizing strengths and learning to overcome gaps using strengths will be discussed

Successful leaders use various leadership styles. The key to successful leadership is being adaptable and knowing which style to use when. This session will discuss three specific styles important for leading today’s workforce and provide specific examples of how and when to use each.

Most leaders hold both leadership and management responsibilities. This session will discuss the Six Steps of Employee Engagement and provide case studies to demonstrate how they can be used to ensure employees are doing what they are supposed to do, and are engaged in their work.

Leadership is not a path to perfection but rather a journey in the pursuit of excellence. Each challenge faced can be a setback or an opportunity for growth. It is essential that leaders have personal and professional goals that frame their leadership journey. This session helps the leader assess challenges, opportunities, and develop an action plan for leadership development.

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Discovering Your Leadership DNA is available onsite at your location, or online via our exclusive relationship with MedBridge Education.

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