My Story

We all have a story to tell. Here’s mine.

Growing up in Oklahoma I dreamed of becoming a nurse. I just knew someday I would find myself helping those in need get better and live better. But, like many of us life arrived and delayed my journey and dream.

A few years later, married with kids, my husband and I found ourselves moving from windy Oklahoma to the chilly suburbs of Minneapolis. I was managing the home, raising the kids, but still held my dream close – one day it would be reality.

This was one of my first lessons in resiliency. Having the patience to wait until the right doors opened. Soon after our move to Minnesota they did.

I started my nursing journey as most do, got my RN and tried a variety of nursing settings. Trauma, clinics, labor delivery and several more. It was my role in long term care, at a skilled nursing facility, that changed my life and direction.

Fast forward several decades and I have been blessed to complete my doctoral nursing education, lead multiple nursing teams, serve in executive leadership roles, consult with organizations across the country, speak at numerous conferences, share my journey, and engage leaders in aging services – all while building a more hopeful future for leaders, teams, residents, families, and caregivers. Along the way I’ve been honored to be identified as a subject matter expert in a variety of disciplines such as clinical practice, resident care, leadership development and building resilient teams. My dreams have become reality – now I get to share them with you.

If you/and or your organization are ready to engage in developing resilient leaders, not just attend an educational session, complete online training, or listen to a webinar to gain required CEU’s, then we should talk.

Email me at or call me at (952) 960-0806. I’d love to be part of your leadership journey, building strong teams, and helping make your dreams come true.


Me and my mom (she's 98 years young)

Listen as Dr. Shell shares her journey into nursing