Legacy Market Services

Legacy Market Services is the parent company of LindaShell.com and has served the Aging Services (Long Term Care) and general business communities for three decades. We’re excited to have the opportunity to impact and ‘give back’ for the many blessings we have received.

We provide strategic planning, project management, business development, marketing, leadership development, education and clinical training, along with other value added business services to the field of aging services.

Seeing success is different from dreaming about success. With a career that spans corporate and entrepreneurial adventures, having worn multiple hats, we know that to be true from personal experience.

As business leaders we start with high hopes and grand plans for the future. It has been said that “the only constant in business is change”. At Legacy Market Services we believe that, we’ve lived that.

We also believe that each business executive establishes their legacy with each client, team member and business relationship and decision – it takes sound strategy, great planning, effective leadership and the ability to respond to change (good and bad).

That is why Legacy Market Services came into being. We can help.

In recent years we have been able to provide business solutions that impact the field of aging services. Being involved in aging services for over two decades, and living through the care of aging parents, we learned first hand the challenges this industry faces. We are pleased to be associated with LeadingAge Minnesota as a certified Business Partner.