Business & Strategy

The team from is pleased to offer a variety of services and resources including strategic planning, product and service launch, executive development, sales and marketing, social media and market alliances for your Aging Services organization.

Strategic Planning

At we provide a risk-free process to ensure that you are fully engaged every step of the way. A simple two-step approach with no risk or strings attached.If we think your current business strategy and tactics are sound, we will say so — and you will have the benefit of knowing that an experienced, objective assessment has backed up your thinking and planning. But, if we think there are some areas in which we could help, we will advise you by setting out where we feel the problems lie and what we think the solutions should be. Learn More – Get Started

Project Management

Project management can be tough work. In so many cases, you hold the keys. You know every detail of your program. And your colleagues look to you for guidance and leadership. But what does it mean to be an effective project manager? With so many factors beyond your control, there’s a few crucial strategies you need to master to assure that your project ends on time, and on budget. Learn More – Get Started


Product & Service Launch

A successful product or service launch into the Aging Services field is critical for credibility and long term viability. The success of your first (or next launch) could determine your company’s survival in Aging Services. A solid product or service launch has the potential to deliver solid positioning and revenue to your company. It’s one of the few opportunities to introduce your firm to an industry that is bombarded with firms that assume Aging Services operates, and is marketing to, like other healthcare related industry’s. So why do so many firms struggle to get it right? Learn More – Get Started

Social Media Management

The world is changing and Social Media is changing the way people connect with each other and for the first time in marketing history, Aging Services field providers and partners can easily tap into those connections.In the constantly changing world of social media, just being ‘there’ in the social space no longer cuts it. You need to be using the platforms to their full potential, gain a relevant audience that is engaged and interested in your content, and understand how social media advertising can help you reach more people than ever before. Learn More – Get Started

Additional Services Also Available

Coaching & Executive Development

An outside advisor gains even the most capable, seasoned CEO and executive team an unbiased perspective.We partner with CEOs and executive teams to provide the clarity and certainty essential to leading organizational transformation. We work best with exceptional leaders who recognize the need for transformation, see the big picture and are driven to move beyond the status quo.

Business Development

The myth in the Aging Services field is that we don’t sell, we serve. Those that really believe that can sit with low census, and limited exposure to their local communities. There is a better way – it’s called selling ourselves and the value we bring.

Content Marketing & Communications

The story you tell, and the words used to communicate that story are critical to your success. Whether on print materials or on the web your organization needs to stand out from the competition. Your ultimate success can be defined (or defeated) by those words. We’re committed to your success. For us, it’s all about the work – public relations (PR), content development and marketing communications that builds, sustains and enhances your organization’s reputation, visibility and sales.

Marketing: Design & Production

Our mission is to consistently exceed our customer’s expectations with creative marketing, high quality printing, advanced web development, and current multimedia while performing with exceptional customer service. We are great at listening to what our clients need and providing solutions.  Our focus is and will continue to be a partner in business, not just a provider.