Social Media Management

Social Media is changing the way people connect with each other and for the first time in marketing history, Aging Services industry providers and partners can easily tap into those connections.

In the constantly changing world of social media, just being ‘there’ in the social space no longer cuts it. You need to be using the platforms to their full potential, gain a relevant audience that is engaged and interested in your content, and understand how social media advertising can help you reach more people than ever before.

Social Media Management is more than creating a Facebook Fan page, creating a Twitter account or setting up a LinkedIn profile and hope the results will be immediate. From strategy to navigating potential issues, our trained professionals can help.

Our strategic approach to Social Media Management includes:

  1. Goals & Objectives – Brand awareness? Generate leads? Web traffic and SEO? Social media and the platforms selected will depend on the goals to be achieved.
  2. Research – Develop a list of social media and web sites that can potentially provide engagement with people. Internet resource tools to stay on top of industry breaking news and information, looking at competitors social networking efforts to see what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong.
  3. Creation – Build your presence on the right networks, create the editorial calendars, develop content schedules, sponsored posts and advertisements within social networks.
  4. Relationships – We monitor and respond via social media channels for both direct and indirect mentions, questions and comments – positive and negative, all on behalf of the brand.
  5. Content Creation and Scheduling – Provide a balanced approach to marketing your company, products and services along with providing necessary information about your industry to create a trusted relationship with your audience and hey, we’ll throw in some entertaining content as well to keep your audience engaged. Schedule the posts at the optimal days and times and manage all the social advertising campaigns.
  6. ROI Reporting – How do we know if we are achieving the goals above? By looking at the available metrics of course. Transparent reporting available for our activities through an online portal into our custom reporting system.