Keep Calm and Carry On: Learning to THRIVE During Changing Times

Healthcare is ever changing and can be filled with challenge and chaos for the professional nurse. Many are hopeful they can just survive the tumultuous environment from day to day.

Research indicates that those with increased levels of resilience not only survive in such environments, but often THRIVE, resulting in increased work performance, job satisfaction and reduced turnover. Increased quality and customer satisfaction also correlate to higher levels of nurse resilience.

What is resilience and how does one become resilient? How does resilience help us find meaning and purpose in our work?

Resilience has become an essential characteristic for navigating the field of healthcare.

This session will discuss the concept of resilience and provide practical tips for building resilience in both self and others… and learning to THRIVE!

Format: ​Keynote or workshop intensive session. Also available as half day in-depth, interactive event.

This program is perfect for:

  1. ​Existing Nurse leaders
  2. Emerging nurse leaders
  3. Executive directors
  4. Non-managers in leadership roles

The audience will leave with: Session Objectives

  1. Define the concept and importance of resilience and how it impacts care delivery.
  2. Describe how one can develop the characteristics of resilience and renew their sense of purpose.
  3. Gain practical tips for building resilience in self and others and learning to THRIVE!