Becoming A SurThriveLeader

The health care environment is rapidly changing resulting in a challenging and tumultuous work environment. To navigate the ever-changing landscape leaders must be resilient, allowing for flexibility and adaptability to new ideas and innovative approaches.

Leaders must develop the skills for influencing others and engaging them in the change process. Research demonstrates a correlation between improved quality, increased customer satisfaction, and employee engagement, when leaders demonstrate resilient characteristics. Resilient leaders are resistant to burnout, experience less stress, and exhibit overall better health.

This course will provide participants with specific actions they can take to build resilience and become a SurTHRIVELeader. It also includes tips on helping teams enhance their resiliency.

Course Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe the importance of resilience and how it drives how we think, speak and respond during challenging times.
  2. Discuss how resilient leaders impact and influence quality, customer service and employee retention.
  3. Explore the 6 Steps of SurTHRIVELeadership: Tested, Hope, Realistic, Insight, Vigor, Excellence.
  4. Analyze specific actions leaders can take to build resilience and become a SurTHRIVELeader.

Course Chapters

Health care environments are rapidly changing and demand leaders that can be adaptable, flexible, and able to bounce back from difficulties. Resiliency is essential for success. This session will define resilience and why it is a critical component of effective leadership.

According to Gallup research, leaders don’t leave an organization they leave their manager. It is essential that leaders are skilled in creating a resonant environment where staff have increased levels of engagement and work satisfaction. This session will discuss characteristics of a positive work environment and steps a leader can take to enhance employee satisfaction.

Leaders can either survive or thrive during changing times. Those that just survive become mediocre and are at risk of burnout. This session will discuss the first 3 Steps of SurTHRIVELeadership: 1) Tested, 2) Hopeful, and 3) Realistic. Detailed actions towards regenerating enthusiasm and becoming a SurTHRIVELeader are offered so that one can learn to THRIVE!

This session will discuss the last 3 steps of SurTHRIVELeadership; 4): Insight, 5) Vigor, and 6) Excellence. Detailed actions leaders can take towards building emotional intelligence, maintaining work/life balance, and goal setting and becoming a SurTHRIVELeader are offered so that one can learn to THRIVE!

Research demonstrates that leaders who focus on the future and remain resilient have increased satisfaction and less turnover among staff. This session will identify the importance of visioning and goal setting for maintaining resilience and SurTHRIVELeadership. Specific steps are detailed for coaching others in resiliency and helping them THRIVE!

Available Onsite & Online

Becoming A SurThriveLeader is available onsite at your location, or online via our exclusive relationship with MedBridge Education.

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Get SurThriveLeadership Online Now!

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