Resiliency for the Nurse Leader

The field of aging services (long term care) is tumultuous, chaotic, and challenging and that is on the good days! The outcome of this difficult working environment results in increased turnover, decreased levels of satisfaction, poor quality, or at worse – burnout!

What is a nurse leader to do? How does one rise above the challenges and lead others in a positive way?

This inspiring presentation will offer insight into finding your leadership DNA and using it to build your resilience. It will also offer practical strategies and tips that you can offer to your staff and assist them in building their resilience.

After this presentation you will be motivated toward Thriving vs Surviving and feel re-energized around your passion for eldercare.

Format: ​Keynote or workshop intensive session. Also available as half day in-depth, interactive event.

This program is perfect for:

  1. ​Existing Nurse leaders
  2. Emerging nurse leaders
  3. Executive directors
  4. Non-magers in leadership roles

The audience will leave with: Objectives

  1. Describe the importance of resilience and how it drives how we think, speak, and respond during challenging times.
  2. Discuss how resilient leaders impact and influence followers through their leadership DNA.
  3. List six specific actions leaders can take to increase their resilience, influence others, discover a life of meaning and purpose.