Leading Through COVID-19: Making and Communicating a Plan During Crisis

Dr. Linda Shell, MA, RN, in collaboration with MedBridge Education, is pleased to announce a multipart series designed for leaders and managers of healthcare organizations. We are pleased to release the second blog and video in our “Leading in Times of Crisis series.

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During this unprecedented COVID-19 virus crisis it is essential that leaders and their teams come together, with common purpose, to lead effectively, support one another, the patients they serve, and families represented. Our multi part focuses on the most significant leadership elements of the present crisis, and best practices for managing the overwhelming changes associated. Each session includes blog content and short videos you may use for personal development and sharing with your teams.

Feel free to share this post with those struggling at this time. Be safe, stay healthy…..

Blog excerpt…….

On the best of days, effective leadership can be a challenge. Inspiring staff, building teams, and managing resources all play a part in effective and impactful leadership. In times of crisis, such as this COVID-19 outbreak, many of the traditional rules seem to go out the window as we grapple with the reality of our present situation.

If this is the case for you, take a step back and use these suggestions as a benchmark for leading effectively during this time of crisis.

Acknowledge Today’s Reality

Time for a reality check. Yes, it’s really happening. It’s not a dream; the crisis is upon you. Denial of present circumstances is not an option. Teams and patients are looking for strong leadership during any time of change or crisis…..

View the full blog and see video here

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Dr. Linda Shell MA, RN, principal and co-owner of LindaShell.Com and Legacy Market Services, Inc, has over twenty-five years of experience providing education, leadership development and consultation to non-profit and for-profit senior care organizations.