Education Services


The team from are pleased to offer a variety of education options and services for organizational leadership, facilities staff and caregivers.

Fall Prevention

It’s Easy to Miss What You Are NOT Looking For: Root Cause Analysis in Fall Prevention

This workshop will provide an overview of an evidenced-based program that reduced falls and improved sleep through a combination of nationally recognized fall prevention practices and practical applications from the most recent research findings. Fall program outcomes resulted in facilities that are alarm-free, restraint-free, corrected bed heights (no low beds) no floor mats, and the cautionary use of gripper socks. This is not a “nursing-only” program. It requires the skills, knowledge, participation and commitment of all employees in all departments. Learn More / Contact us to schedule your event

Sleep Quality

Catching Some ZZZ’s: Why Sleep MattersHow well did your residents sleep last night? According to the latest research, there is a direct correlation between sleep deprivation and the incidence of pain, falls, worsening behavior, anxiety, depression, and the use of antipsychotics in long term care. Traditional nursing care practices such as turning and repositioning, checking and changing, and increased noise can disrupt sleep patterns and result in sleep deprived residents. When sleep is improved it can result in better patient outcomes and improved staff satisfaction. Learn More / Contact us to schedule your event


It’s All About Building RelationshipsThis workshop is designed to educate all levels of staff and professional caregivers in caring for those suffering from dementia. Various teaching techniques will be used such as lecture, interactive activities, videos and small group discussion.
The curriculum includes a discussion of the pathology and symptoms of dementia, methods for assisting with activities of daily living, understanding the actions and reactions of those with dementia, recognizing, reporting and preventing abuse, introduction to Validation and action steps for building relationships with family members. Learn More / Contact us to schedule your event