It’s All About Building Relationships

This workshop is designed to educate all levels of staff and professional caregivers in caring for those suffering from dementia. Various teaching techniques will be used such as lecture, interactive activities, videos and small group discussion.

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The curriculum includes a discussion of the pathology and symptoms of dementia; methods for assisting with activities of daily living; understanding the actions and reactions of those with dementia recognizing, reporting and preventing abuse; introduction to Validation; and action steps for building relationships with family members.


  • Describe dementia, Alzheimer’s and other related disorders.
  • Identify the symptoms of dementia.
  • List methods for assisting with activities of daily living.
  • Learn ways to build stronger relationships.
  • Discuss methods of effective communication.
  • Define abuse and how to recognize, report and prevent.
  • Discuss Validation and its benefits.
  • Identify methods for building relationships with families.