What is Your W.I.N. For Today? Why Leaders Must Know…

Let’s face it – the field of aging services is a change driven, chaotic environment. You start each day with plans and goals in place, only to find those altered by staffing challenges, resident needs, problem follow-up, and occasionally a visit from “friends” from the health department.

So how do you find success in this chaos? How do you separate the important from the seeming urgent?

Here is a simple tip; Define and focus on the W.I.N. – What’s Important Now. Find one thing, a single action item and goal that will provide you success for the day.

Sounds like a daunting task – identify only one item of focus? Seems impossible…

Regardless of the challenges you face there is always a single item that transcends all the surprises the day will bring. In times of chaos that should be your focus.

For many, resident care and safety will be the daily W.I.N. For others managing regulatory change, reaching census goals, making budget, will be the W.I.N. for the day. It’s your W.I.N., name it and own it.

Here’s our tip… take your massive list of daily activities and identify a single W.I.N. If all else fails for the day focus on that one W.I.N. and we promise you – you will be, and feel more successful for the day. This ‘find the W.I.N. approach’ will enhance your confidence and help build resilience in your leadership role. A pattern of positive achievement will help develop a pattern of positive thinking that can translate to the working environment.  What is Your W.I.N. for today?

Dr. Linda Shell, MA. RN | LindaShell.com

Dr. Linda Shell MA, RN, principal and co-owner of LindaShell.Com and Legacy Market Services, Inc, has over twenty-five years of experience providing education, leadership development and consultation to non-profit and for-profit senior care organizations.