Leading Through COVID-19: Managing Rapid Change

Dr. Linda Shell, MA, RN, in collaboration with MedBridge Education, is pleased to announce a multipart series designed for leaders and managers of healthcare organizations. We are pleased to release the fifth blog and video in our “Leading in Times of Crisis series.

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Leading Through COVID-19: Managing Rapid Change

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Change is a constant in the world of healthcare. Some leaders thrive on these changes and others resist. While we’re used to experiencing change in this industry, the COVID-19 crisis is driving change on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis—much more quickly than we’re used to.

Change can be difficult, as people like the security of the familiar (even when it’s not producing the best outcomes). As a result, they will resist change to maintain the status quo. This makes your role as a leader critical.

When trying to implement change and manage through a crisis, it’s up to you to get those you lead on board. The following three steps can help leaders successfully lead change during this crucial time: Look for new opportunities, acknowledge what we can control, and develop a guiding team.

Look for New Opportunities

Some leaders are just hoping to get back to “normal” and maintain the status quo. The problem with this approach is that the world of healthcare has forever fundamentally changed.

It’s important to remember that change can bring new opportunities for leaders. One example is the increase in the use of telehealth technologies during this pandemic. The COVID-19 crisis has taken a promising, underutilized technology and brought it to the forefront of patient care. There is no going back. Innovations in patient care and updated regulations are here to stay.

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