Leading Through COVID-19: 4 Strategies to Inspire and Motivate

Dr. Linda Shell, MA, RN, in collaboration with MedBridge Education, is pleased to announce a multipart series designed for leaders and managers of healthcare organizations. We are pleased to release the fourth blog and video in our “Leading in Times of Crisis series.

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Leading Through COVID-19: 4 Strategies to Inspire and Motivate

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During these challenging times, staff are experiencing high levels of change, resulting in increased levels of stress and anxiety. Staff are at their best when they feel their leader is invested in them both personally and professionally, so in these times of high stress and anxiety, it is essential for leaders to support employees in every way possible on a regular basis.

Providing this support is always important, but in this difficult time, it is especially critical to your success and the well-being of your organization. Here are four steps you can take to inspire and motivate staff during these times:

1. Take Time to Just Listen

One of the most important actions a leader can take is to invest in listening to their employees. Evidence suggests that leaders who listen well generate more trust, instill a sense of job satisfaction, and increase the team’s creativity.

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