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What is SurTHRIVELeadership?

SurThriveLeadership is a leadership program targeted towards building resilient leaders in the field of aging services. Each course assists the learner in gaining skills and shaping behaviors conducive toward transcending challenging work environments and shifting from survival mode to thriving, influencing others and impacting outcomes.

SurThriveLeadership is designed for both emerging and experienced leaders. Anyone in a leadership role or position of influence will gain valuable insights and tools from this program.

Before we jump into the elements of SurThriveLeadership, let’s take a look at the thought process behind how it came to be. What really makes the SurTHRIVE method tick?

One of its biggest influences is the field of positive psychology. Positive psychology is the study of the strengths, in individuals and communities alike, that allow them to thrive in their environment. If that person or organization does not feel they are thriving, positive psychology advocates solving the problem by pursuing their true strengths rather than trying to compensate for their weaknesses.

It makes sense then, that in order to start using one’s strengths, they must first identify what exactly their strengths are. StrengthsFinder is one of the best objective methods available for determining a person’s natural strengths, and it is designed to present actionable steps for developing each one –something echoed in SurTHRIVELeadership’s practices.

On the larger scale of businesses and organizations, leadership actions that seek collective improvement based on the strengths of a team can be derived from positive psychology as well. David Cooperrider’s Appreciative Inquiry is a strategic planning process for organizations that asks the following:

  1. What in the organization gives it its life, known as its “positive core”? Is it its values, resources, strengths, etc.?
  2. What could the organization look like in the future, based on its positive core?
  3. What is the best vision for our future? How can we make that vision a reality?
  4. How does each individual align his/her actions with this vision? What goals do we set to achieve this vision?

The Appreciative Inquiry is built to steer those in leadership positions away from seeing their organization as problematic and needing repair, to instead seeing it as full of untapped potential.

Finally, the distinction between emotional and cognitive intelligence has impacted the development of SurThriveLeadership. While cognitive intelligence describes a person’s knowledge and ability to think logically, emotional intelligence describes their understanding and control of their own emotions, as well as their ability to work with others.

SurThriveLeadership is a tool for growing your skills within emotional intelligence. It is not designed to teach you hard facts and figures, but to strengthen your ability to handle challenging situations and make decisions that positively impact you and the people around you.

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Dr. Linda Shell, MA. RN |

Dr. Linda Shell MA, RN, principal and co-owner of LindaShell.Com and Legacy Market Services, Inc, has over twenty-five years of experience providing education, leadership development and consultation to non-profit and for-profit senior care organizations.

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