Feedback From Events With Linda

Linda has had the opportunity and honor to impact the lives of hundreds of leaders, nurses and students. Here just a few of the comments made by those in attendance at her keynote presentations, workshops and training events. Have feedback or comments for Linda? Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments area below.

“Linda was the single most inspirational and influential speaker and instructor I have had thus far. There is no way of expressing how effective her entire time spent with me has been.”

“Linda is a standout presentor and educator. I love her energy and passion! It was refreshing to experience her heart and passion for nursing and the role we play with those we serve. I loved what she shared – it was so cutting edge.”

“Linda, I’m so glad to see another nurse who understands the unique trials and tribulations we face in today’s nursing homes.”

“Awesome presentation!! Learned lots of new information and great ideas to share with my nursing residence! Thank you!!”

“Linda was excellent, one of the best nursing presenters and instructors I’ve had.”

“Linda is a great teacher. She explained things very well, gave aplicable feedback, and was an inspiration for me to become a better nurse.”