Building Resilient Leaders

Keep Calm and Carry On: Learning to THRIVE During Changing Times

The field of aging services is ever changing and can be filled with challenges and chaos for all levels of staff. Many are hopeful they can just survive the tumultuous environment from day to day. Research indicates that those with increased levels of resilience not only survive in such environments, but often THRIVE, resulting in increased work performance, job satisfaction and reduced turnover.

  • What is resilience and how does one become resilient?
  • Why has resilience become an essential characteristic for navigating the field of aging services?

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This workshop will discuss the concept of resilience and provide practical tips for building resilience in both self and others… and learning to THRIVE.


  1. Define the concept and importance of resilience.
  2. Describe how one can develop the characteristics of resilience.
  3. Gain practical tips for building resilience in self and others and learning to THRIVE!