Staying Resilient In Challenging Times

Life isn’t easy. It brings surprises and challenges on a day to day basis.

The real question is “what will we do with the challenges we face”? Whether it’s a hurricane, flood, earthquake or act of violence we will choose to act or sit back and simple watch things happen. It’s a choice we will make. Even no choice is by default a choice.

When we are facing challenges times resilience comes into play as a key component. because the real question isn’t what happened to us, but what we will do about what happened to us?

So here is our question…what will you do today to add to the lives of others? How will you show resilience in challenging times? What will you learn from today’s experience to engage and enhance your tomorrow’s.

Life isn’t easy. The real question is how will you become more resilient?


Bill Shell, CPC |

Bill Shell, Business Strategist and Certified Professional Coach is CEO of Bill is passionate about the success of long term care and empowering leaders and teams to achieve success. He has over 30 years of experience in starting, growing and managing companies, organizations and leadership teams.

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