Learning to Fear…Less

January 26, 2021
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The key to success is striving to see clearly what is desired, setting our heart and whole being to the task, and implementing a thoughtful plan. Doing this can help overcome a variety of challenges and help us fear…less. –  LindaShell.com

Long term care can be a scary place right now.

Workforce issues, regulatory challenges and lack of sufficient funding may cause us to be afraid for our residents, families and even ourselves. Will we have enough staff to serve? Will they regulate us out of the business? What happens if we simply run out of money?

All reasonable questions, but nothing that should cause us to live in fear.

It can seem impossible to be fearless. But it is possible to simply fear…less. It’s a matter of choice, one we may every day.

So, what can we do today?

History teaches us that dedicated teams, focused on what’s really important, can overcome a multitude of challenges. Retreating into fear simply admits defeat, and as members of the long-term care community we don’t quit. Instead we choose to strive for excellence each day as we care of our residents, their families and fellow team members.

We choose instead to THRIVE, not retreat. We strive to be the very best we can be, regardless of the odds we face. We overcome obstacles that would chase most people away.

In simple terms, we choose to fear…less. This decision is ours and only ours to make.

Think about this…What are you afraid of today? Is it something you control, or is it out of your control? Is it something real or simply perceived? What is the worst thing that could happen to you regarding your fear? Research shows that the majority of things we fear never will happen, and those that do are typically not as bad as expected. It’s not about what we fear, it’s how we react to the fear. Acknowledging your fear is the most significant step you can take.

Try this… First, hold out your hands. Name your fear (speak it out aloud). Now, put your fear/s into your hands and hold them tightly. Take in several deep, cleansing breaths in and out. Give yourself a compliment. Slowly breathe out. Now, open your hands and let go of the fear/s you placed there. Now move on with your day leaving those fears behind and become FEAR…less!

Bill Shell, CPC | LindaShell.com

Bill Shell, Business Strategist and Certified Professional Coach is CEO of LindaShell.com. Bill is passionate about the success of long term care and empowering leaders and teams to achieve success. He has over 30 years of experience in starting, growing and managing companies, organizations and leadership teams.