Pharmacogenetics Program

The program is a simple three-step process that facilitates DNA testing and aligns medications with the resident’s personal DNA. Polypharmacy is an ever-increasing problem in long term care and pharmacogenetics testing is a tool that can be utilized as part of a quality assurance and process improvement (QAPI) program. Additional benefits of pharmacogenetic testing are reduction of medications, reduced trial and error, less med pass time for nurse, and overall medication cost reduction. Read full program release…

Getting Started

#1 Enroll in the Pharmacogenetics Program

  • Complete enrollment paperwork (HIPAA)
  • Submit face sheets to PGx Medical
  • Educate/inform doctors/NPs/Medical Director

#2 Test Identified Residents

  • Swab identified residents
  • Submit swabs to PGx Medical

#3 Receive test results and integrate into care plan

  • Review test results with PGx Medical
  • Work with IDT to maximize results and build testing into admission process

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Why Pharmacogenetic Testing?

  • Polypharmacy
  • Reduction of trial and error
  • Risk of adverse drug events – falls, re-hospitalization, delirium
  • Medication errors, adherence
  • Regulatory guidelines
  • Med pass time (increased pill burden), costs
  • One size fits all prescribing

Indicators For Testing

  • Depression diagnosis
  • Frequent fallers
  • Increased behaviors
  • Cognitive impairment/Delirium
  • Polypharmacy (9+ meds)
  • Antipsychotics / antidepressants / anxiolytics
  • Pain management comprehensive care

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